For consideration herein acknowledged as received, and by signing this release I hereby give the Photographer my permission to license the content and to use the content in any media for any purpose which may include, among others, advertising, promotion, marketing and packaging for any product or service. I agree that the Content may be combined with other images, text, graphics, film, audio, audio-visual works; and may be cropped, altered or modified by the photographer.

I agree that I have no rights to the Content, and all rights to the Content belong to the Photographer. I acknowledge and agree that I have no further right to additional consideration or accounting, and that I will make no further claim for any reason to the Photographer. I acknowledge and agree that this release is binding upon my heirs and assigns. I agree that this release is irrevocable, worldwide and perpetual.

I understand that the photographer cannot be held responsible for the welfare or safekeeping of any models and / or children, either at the business premises or on location; this responsibility is held solely with the individual or parent / guardian.

It is agreed that my personal information will not be made publicly available but may only be used directly in relation to the licensing of the Content where necessary and may be retained as long as necessary to fulfil this purpose. I represent and warrant that I am at least 18 years of age and have the full legal capacity to execute this release.


Photographs provided in print not to be scanned, copied, re-printed or resold.

Where digital images are purchased, the photographer grants buyer a non-exclusive perpetual personal-use license to use digital images subject to the following restrictions:

· Under no circumstance must digital images be re-edited or altered, modified in any way. Doing so is a breach of copyright.

· This license is for personal use only - Personal use means non-commercial use of the image(s) for display on personal websites, personal computers, or making prints for personal use.

· Permission is granted to post digital images to social media with credit linked to Vanessa Louise Worswick / Vanessa Louise Photography.

· Full recognition must be given to Vanessa Worswick at all times. Buyer must not claim credit for any of the images in any form.

· Images must not be scanned, resized, altered or modified in any way.

· Images must not be resold, relicensed, sub-licensed or used in any way whatsoever in which you charge money, collect fees, or receive any form of remuneration.

· Images must not be published in any magazine, newspaper, website or other media outlet without written permission from Vanessa Worswick.

All images posted online by the photographer remain property of Vanessa Louise Worswick. Website images, including online gallery proofs, blog and social media content are not to be downloaded, copied, posted online or re-sold.

All sales are final. The photographer holds the right to refuse alterations to content. Digital products are not eligible for a refund. The Photographer retains the right to refuse sale.